Friday, July 16, 2010 gets a blog which initially started as a script 'hack' to compile my tweets is now 1 year 3 months old. Apart from minor changes, nothing has changed on the site over this period. There have been few feature requests which I plan to implement in next couple of months.

Some of these features include
  • option to select date range(probably by month)
  • new format printer-friendly PDF with bookmarks, TOC;
  • tweetbook for search results
  • tweetbook for tweets from a user's home timeline.

While the pure pleasure of designing & coding and being appreciated is something to be cherished, the site doesn't make enough to pay for its hosting charges. Advertisements in PDF, providing premium service and affiliating with publishing companies are few options available (in the order of decreasing ease of implementation) for sustaining the site.

Though not inclined towards the idea of having ads in PDF, proper non-intrusive placement of 'right' ads might be acceptable. A premium service which adds extra bells & whistles to tweetbook would be nice but being a one-man-self-critical team, it would take some time. Affiliating with publishing companies is something that has to be explored.

I would appreciate your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.


  1. it was a really useful one, May be i will call it your best work till date (frm wat i saw in are not a bad idea..afterall companies scan your personal email and have ads displayed, why not in a twitter based app which is in public domain.

  2. It´s so great!!!

    Thank you for the application!!!

  3. Congrats! Very good application.

    I wouldn't mind some adds. An idea could be a free version with adds, and a payed version without them.

    Suggestion 1: to include the possibility of printing together tweets by other people that are tweet to you or citing you (using the @s).

    Suggestion 2: with the previous implemented, you could insert the possibility of choosing with profiles would be printed and which would not.

  4. mmm well ive heard that this put the whole of your tweets in a pdf document, wich is damn cool, but it just so happens that everytime i generate my book it keeps dowloading my tweets since June of this year and no th whole thing, i want to know is for some kind of limit or something.


  5. Brilliant! Thank you for this wonderful service. If there are ads in future it would be better to have them on the "covers" rather than scattered throughout the tweets. Thanks again.

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  7. Hi there, what about downloading and including pics from the most popular pic sharing services? I'm not an expert but I guess pics from TweetPic, Lockerz or Yfrog should not be that difficult to include. Thanks for your great idea and service, and congrats! @rubencarbonero

  8. Is not working since a lot of time...

  9. I really love the tweetbook app. For at least a year now it saus the site is under maintenance. If finances are your problem, i wouldnt mind paying a bit for use of the app. Or put a 'donate' button on your site. Or make it a paid membership one. Much easier than looking for ads or sponsors. Anyway, i hope to see your site workong again soon! Ill help you promote it through twitter etc. Esther www.

  10. This is great! Really love the ability to turn tweets into a pdf. For trend tracking and hashtag tracking on Twitter, Topics Trending Today is another good site to check out.

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